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We guarantee sustainable retability.

Cloud Mining

You invest in any currency and will have the full return in 6 months, Our contract is for 2 years and then your power is restarted for new investments.


In the affiliate program you earn 5% of the amount that your indicated to invest in mining power, Just share your referral link that is in the "Afiliate" menu.

Web Security

For your security all your data is encrypted, our login system through google allows us to only have your name, email, and nume id, other personal information the own google progete, Therefore we can not use your profile unlawfully, All this guarantees your total safe navigation.

Our Coins

These are the crypto-coins available.












informations about.

  • Wd-Mine creation

    Wd-Mine was inspired by a unique goal that is the use of virtual currencies for residual profits in a global and sustainable way in which all social classes can have access to profits on this new innovation market brought by Bitcoin and all its technology .

  • Guidelines

    Rules and Observations

    It is prohibited to create more than one account subject to permanent ban. We do not repossess ourselves if you make a deposit in the wrong place. After buying the "Mh / s" it will not be possible to withdraw the investment, just mining to get it out. We do not trade crypto-coins just offer the cloud mining platform.

  • Suport

    online 24/7

    In case of any doubt or error contact us immediately by sending us a message explaining exactly your problem, Examples: Your deposit does not arrive - In this case click on the "Check" button if nothing happens send your ID number and deposit slip. For others, please contact us.

  • Advantage


    By investing in Wd-Mine you will have a physical card mining 24 hours a day for you without the urge to go online, our system and web platform will ensure that you monitor the profits in real time and you can also take out at any time you want simple and automatic way.

  • Start Earning


How to Invest in Wd-Mine?


Go to the "Deposit" page and click the "Generate" button to create a wallet. After choosing the currency, copy the created address and deposit the minimum value in it. After a few minutes click on the "Check" button so your deposit is verified and automatically added to your account, In case of errors please contact us.


Now that you already have a balance you should invest it, go to the "Buy-Mh / s" page and select the currency you want and click on "Exchange". After doing this you have already invested your entire balance which will now be represented as "Mh / s"

Start Mining

To finalize your investment and guarantee daily profit you must go to the "Account" page and choose one of the coins to mine, To start mining, click the "Start-Mining" button To find out if you are mining you can see that the numbers have increased If you invest a low value and start mining bitcoin it may take a while until the balance appears, in which case the button will be lower that means it is mined so you can close the page that will mine day and night without stopping.


To withdraw you must go to the "Profile" menu and register your wallet policy after this goes to "Withdraw" and click on the currency button to withdraw, The saquƩ is automatic and secure..

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